Links to Other Useful Sites

Probably the most comprehensive site can be found at theinducitonsite. There is indepth analysis of how cooktops work and you can buy direrctly through them. provides a helpful guide to induction cookers, cookware and induction stovetops and has some great illustrative pictures.

On thegardenweb appliances forum there are a few lively discussions about induction cooktops.

The kitchen designer site has come basics about induction cooktops

Another discussion can be found at hgtv's forum. has another forum with a few discussions on induction cooktops.

Environmental responsibility

Induction cooktops provide a more energy efficient means of cooking. Alongside rising energy costs we must all take responsibility for our impact on the environment. These two sites give many suggestions that are easily incorporated into daily life.

EarthEasy - simple sustainable living.

Green living ideas provides tips and information to help you improve the environmental sustainability of every aspect of your life

The disclaimer

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