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They say that induction cooktops are the best. So what are the features of induction cooktops? The pros and cons? If, like me, you love the control and speed you get with gas but cannot put in a gas cooktop, then maybe you too are considering a switch to an induction cooktop. Maybe you are remodelling your kitchen and would like the latest technology. Whatever your reason, you will find this site a useful introduction to induction cooktops.

All of the content of this site comes from our investigation into the question "Is an induction cooktop right for us?" Join us in looking at the pros and cons of induction cooktops. We try to answer all of our questions about induction cooktops: How do induction cooktops work? What features should I care about when shopping for an induciton cooktop? How good are induction cooktops? Are they energy efficient? Will my saucepans work on an induction cooktop? What cookware works best on an induction cooktop? Are they safe?

During this investigation we visited showrooms where we could try out an induction cooktop - something that is definitely worth doing if you are unsure about making the switch. It took a few phone calls to find somewhere that had a working induction cooktop for us to try but it really helped settle our mind to try cooking on an induction cooktop.

For anyone with kids a sure plus point safety aspect - the cooktop itself does not heat up, only the pan. Small hands reaching up to the cooktop are less likely to get burnt.

The disclaimer

We do not work for any of the manufacturers of cooktops, nor for any cookware manufacturer.

All of the information contained on this site is simply our opinion based on our own research. As with anything you find on the web you should apply your own judgement and common sense.